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5 small lobes and a pleasant fragrance, that's the white flower: Pip!
Well-known in Thailand, cause her benefits are healthy for humans respiratory system and for nourishing the blood.
Allthrough Thaiculture believe "planted at home, it brings gold!"
What do you understand by gold?
To be rich in the material world? Or could it be the inside... the psychologic world?
The feeling of freedom when you can experience your dreams;
what you feel by listening to the sound of raindrops; or when you get surprised
by your beloved ones, isn't that happiness which could reflect the colour "gold"?
... if not, just take the imagination with plenty of gold bricks!;)


« It is only with the heart that one can see rightly
what is essential is invisible to the eye »
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


A friend recognized this girl, drawing and blossom her creativity in every kind of way,
and called her: "Pip!"


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Pip is an international artist from Germany who specializes in
· paintings (illustrations) · handcrafts (dreamcatchers) · photography · &  ···
Creating imagined worlds for the viewer, her art invites a deeper consideration
into the link between colours, ease of phantasy & meaning.


Pip's certificates
· Graphic Designer
· Bachelor of Arts as Communication Designer
· Yoga Teacher & Kids Yoga Teacher


Pip's most powerful secret are her connections to her friends, family and all the relationships
she makes in the world. Through those she is able to travel to various places,
explore the powerful creation of teamworks, where she can share her knowledge as well
as learning new things. Through nature and music she gets new inspiration to be creative.
Yoga enforces her daily balance to share her happiness and inspirering ease.
In Germany you can join her yoga classes close to Heidelberg, in Mosbach-Neckarelz:

Holiday for the heart
( www.holidayfortheheart.com)
you can join her yoga & meditations online:
Inspire your natural essence.
Keep a healthy body, peaceful mind & joyful heart.


Pip's work exists as an imprint of change and joyful inspiration
for people & places she feels need it the most. ♥

She has the skill to adapt art into a plenty of various places,
her service convinced with good communication and pureness.
If you have any idea in your mind, she would love to realize it.
Do want to be a particular of  the choosen ones?


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Why build a lego mansion if you know you will have to ruin it when it is completed?
We actually create a lot of things that are ultimately going to be destroyed in our world.
So why do it at all? It seems so crazy!
Even when we reach paradise, you still have to manage your daily life.
To create this peaceful & with bliss, she says:

« Come with me, let's explore the beauty of life together! »


the beauty of moments exist to share them